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idk it’s very frustrating and sus when you get talked over like…a lot of things need time and patience to be explained, history and implications have to be explained..when you get talked over it ruins the flow of words and jumbles things up. I’m especially bad at articulating things..it’s so unhelpful and er kinda feels like u think ur words are more important 



in fact lately when I talk about race and stuff with white guys I’ve just been talked over bare….shut up lmao

If I could interject. Me, as a white person…

not this time bucko!!

in fact lately when I talk about race and stuff with white guys I’ve just been talked over bare….shut up lmao

a white dude at a party i went to the other day said he hates the word “mixraced” with no particular reason as to why and when I suggested that maybe it would be better if it was the norm for identities to be described  more specifically like “half Mauritian, half Italian” or something, he just like…didn’t register what I said and started using shit like mocha and milano or w/e to describe races ! ha!! 


I love it when you get the self righteous, enlightened whites who think they’re some kind of revolutionary cos they know they love to voice their opinions on racism like anyone wants to hear them or don’t use the word nigga or love to complain about the bullshit that their fellow whites are up to as an attempt to distance themselves like do you want a badge, a cookie, a pat on the back for being a half decent human being lol shut the hell up you’re the embodiment of ~*white people be like “white people be like” but they the white people that be like*~

Beyoncé - Kitty Kat 

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Melba’s Call (Feat. Kelela) | Bok Bok

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go off tho

rotting replied to your photo “Stay hydrated”

cute babe forever

thnks x

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Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated


Me: Colonialism ruined Africa and I fee-
Other black person that has no direct ties with africa at all: Colonialism was a good thing bc in a sense it help build Africa and make them realize what resources they have


Street Styles of New York Fashion Week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

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"all that shit ain’t fresh no more, fuck all that. That doesn’t determine if you’re a real man or not."

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